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Jazz & Experimental in Berlin – Label Nights 2019 #2

by Dana Bondarenko


Trouble In The East Records presents:
Jazz & Experimental in Berlin – Label Nights 2019 #2

1) Coming Up For Air
Henrik Walsdorff – saxophone
Achim Kaufmann – piano
Antonio Borghini – bass
Willi Kellers – drums

2) Håvard Wiik Solo
Håvard Wiik – piano

3) Tristan Honsinger e i Sagonauti
Tristan Honsinger – cello
Paolo Pascolo – flute
Gabriele Cancelli – trumpet / cornet
Giorgio Pacoric – piano

* * *

Trouble in the East Records is proud to announce the third edition of “Jazz and Experimental in Berlin – Label Nights 2019”.

“Jazz and experimental in Berlin” is a series of concerts conceived as a further realization of the label’s aim to represent music in which creativity and the element of improvisation are unifying and ubiquitous components of stylistically diverse realities. We avoid therefore to identificate with a particular genre or scene.


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