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‘The author has nothing to fear’ – to anniversary of Alexander Galich

by Dana Bondarenko

Alexander Galich is usually unfairly called “bard”. There is no doubt that he is one of the greatest poets of the second half of the 20th century. As a poet-cronicler he precisely diagnosed the society he lived in most of his life. His poems, as an indicator of the country state, are full of humor and tears, suffering and optimism. This performance – songs, poems and theater pieces – presents a chain of characters of Galich.

After being forced to leave USSR in 70s, Galich lived and worked in Europe (Germany and France), where in 1978 he died under unclear circumstances, according to official Russian sources – “an accident at work”, in the opinion of many independent experts – a violent death. His last years Galich worked on Radio Liberty, which was banned in USSR back then…

‘The author has nothing to fear’ – is a solo performance concert; this is not a descriptive (narrative) program, but a program with many specifically acting “tricks”, i.e. Playing characters. His – Galich – characters, in the creation of which he was a great master.


Tickets on-site (if available): 12€  before show // 10€ pre-order (info@panda-theater.de) // 8€ with discount

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